November 23, 2021

A Conversation with the Vice Chair of Education – Alice P. Alexander, M.D.

Alice P. Alexander, M.D.Dr. Alexander works as the Program Director for the Internal Medicine and Medicine Pediatrics residencies. She also is involved with the resident clinic at UAMS as well as oversight roles for medical education efforts, both UME and GME.

As a liaison between the Dean’s Office and the directors of these various educational programs, Dr. Alexander makes sure that UAMS meets the education requirements and abides by accreditation standards.

Her inclination for teaching has been present at every level of her career. As a resident and a physician, she’s been focused on educating those who come after her.

She believes internal medicine is a cornerstone of medical education. “It’s a foundational specialty, touching every aspect of medicine, especially physiology and patient presentation. And the teaching done in the clerkship informs the education of every medical student and resident here at UAMS.”

But beyond the teaching, some of the progress that’s been achieved directly relates to the increasing support for the organizational and administrative elements of the residencies and clerkships. Building sources of communication for students and hiring the right support staff has made the entire process for efficient and successful.

The addition of new team members Harmeen Goraya, M.D., and Emily Kocurek, M.D., has bolstered the program’s ability to meet the needs of the residents and to strengthen the formal curriculum. And the MedPeds clinic at Rahling Road has further improved the capacity for high-quality education with the continuity clinics that residents work in there.

Dr. Alexander is impressed by the quality of education they are able to provide in the Medicine Pediatrics and Internal Medicine residencies and she’s dedicated to continually modifying and improving.