Dr. Kendrick with a patient

Our Four-fold Mission

Provide Patient Care

For our patients, our physicians provide a host of outstanding, contemporary clinical services. These clinical services range from primary care and disease prevention for those who wish to maintain good health, to complex interventions and organ transplantation for those with advanced disease.

Research and Discover

Two important functions of the Department are to make significant discoveries in biomedical science that will ultimately benefit human health, and also to convey the discoveries and process of scientific inquiry to the next generation of physicians and scientists. Therefore, many of our 110 full-time faculty members conduct very active research programs that range from fundamental molecular biology to population-based studies of human disease patterns.


All of our M.D. and Ph.D. faculty members are educators, serving at the bedside, in the classroom, or at the laboratory bench. Our clinical, education, and research programs are organized within our divisions.

Postgraduate medical education includes Residency in Internal Medicine and Medicine/Pediatrics. We also have eleven subspecialty fellowship programs. Contemporary medical care, research, and education are at their best when it is highly integrated, and to facilitate this there are extensive interactions between programs in Internal Medicine and those in other Departments, Centers, and Institutes at UAMS. Most of the programs of the Department are based on the main UAMS campus, but telemedicine is used to extend our clinical and education programs. Our scientific collaborations are national and international.

Serve Our Community 

The Department has a deep commitment to the greater community in which we work and live. Faculty members, fellows, and residents provide extensive discounted and free medical care in the inpatient and outpatient setting to those who are medically under-served. We also participate in programs involving health education, health maintenance, and medical education to professionals, permitting us to reach beyond our immediate community in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is expected that our research programs in health services delivery and community health will have a long-term benefit on the health and lives of many people throughout the region.