The Infectious Diseases Division is actively involved in the clinical care of patients at the UAMS Medical Center and the VA Hospital. The division is one of the busiest consultation services at the two hospitals. Students, residents, fellows, and an attending physician make rounds daily on these patients. There is a weekly combined Medicine-Pediatrics Case Conference plus the longest continuously running Journal Club on campus held on a weekly basis.

An Outpatient referral service has been ongoing for several years. Our doctors see patients with human immunodeficiency viral infection (AIDS) as well as other infectious illness. Residents and students observe state of the art clinical care for AIDS patients in this clinic. We provide telephone consultations to practitioners around the state as well. In conjunction with epidemiologists at the Arkansas Department of Health, rapid identification of epidemics has been made possible by these telephone calls.

Research Programs and Facilities

Diagnosis and management of immunologic responses in patients with deep fungal infections, particularly blastomycosis, have been long-standing areas of interest for the division. Diagnosis and appropriate therapy of arthroplasty infection is an area of research. Other activities include education of physicians and lay groups regarding AIDS; circulating antigens in Candida infections; the effects of heat injury to cells; opportunistic infections, particularly histoplasmosis, in patients with AIDS; and bacteremia and sepsis in immunocompromised patients.