Clinical Programs and Facilities

The Division of Medical Oncology provides diagnosis and therapy for all malignancies. Our major focus is the treatment of malignant diseases, using standard dose chemotherapy, and biologic response-modifying agents. Solid Tumor programs have recently expanded and multidisciplinary clinics are offered in gastrointestinal malignancies, lung carcinoma, head and neck cancers, breast cancer, sarcoma, genitourinary tract cancers and melanoma. Clinical research efforts are organized along these working groups in these specific tumor areas. Most diagnostic and therapeutic approaches are performed according to standard of care protocols.

Research Programs and Facilities

The major focus of clinical and laboratory investigation is on lung cancer, breast cancer, cancer angiogenesis and immunotherapy. The work includes research to target blood vessels feeding the cancer, to implement a novel therapeutic vaccine strategy in humans with breast and lung cancer and to assess the impact of different types of chemotherapy on different vital organs such as the heart and the brain. Mechanisms of growth control exerted by various host cells are also being studied such as natural killer and cytotoxic T cells.