ASN Innovation in Education Award Recipient 2020

NKF Young Investigator Award 2019

Division of Nephrology

The Division of Nephrology maintains inpatient and consultative clinical programs at the UAMS Medical Center and VA Hospital. There is an inpatient Nephrology Service at the UAMS Medical Center located on a renal ward unit and a renal consultation service for both hospitals. Dialysis units and renal clinics are located at both hospitals, and a renal transplant program is housed at the UAMS Medical Center.

The Division sponsors a number of regularly scheduled conferences including weekly Journal Club, End Stage Renal Disease Conference, and Renal Transplant Conference. Nephrology morning report is conducted once weekly.

A series of lectures discussing renal physiology and pathophysiology are conducted each month for the house staff and students rotating on the consult service. There is a number of research conferences in Nephrology attended in conjunction with other divisions given by the faculty or Visiting professors.

On either the inpatient or the consult service, teaching rounds are made daily and the students and house staff are exposed to a wide variety of fluid and electrolyte problems, acute and chronic renal failure, and hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis techniques. The house staff on the consult service also attend a weekly outpatient renal clinic at the University.

This year we will perform approximately 80 renal transplants. The nephrology staff is involved in the preoperative evaluation to determine suitability for transplantation, as well as postoperative hospital course of the recipient. This includes management of fluid and electrolyte balance, diagnostic evaluation of renal function (including biopsy), and management of immunosuppressant agents. Outpatient care is also provided by the Nephrology staff.

Division of Nephrology
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