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Arkansas is well suited to take a state wide approach to address the needs of patients with CKD. Arkansas ranks second in the country in the number of TM(Tele-M…edicine) sites. The ADH(Arkansas Department of Health) already has a Chronic Disease Branch with specific sections for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and smoking cessation, a dedicated epidemiology section and health clinics in every AR County. The head of each section is a member of the advisory board. Each section has representation from each AR County. Even though every ADH site has telemedicine capabilities, most lack the Nephrology expertise and tools to address CKD evaluation, management and education which UAMS can provide.

UAMS Division of Nephrology and ADH Chronic Disease Branch faculty are co-investigators for this project. ADH has strong links to PCPs state wide through their local clinics. UAMS has a Distance Health Center, Regional Programs and committed research personnel with community engagement experience in empowering patient/provider/nonprofit partnerships in research strategies to improve patient centered outcomes. Both have strong tele-health support. Both have partnerships with stakeholders across the state that are also interested in improving CKD care.

Together with the stakeholders, the CKD Advisory Committee will have the expertise, resources and commitment needed to compare and contrast local outcomes with regional, state and national outcomes, and explore a broader range of solutions which can lead to positive change for Arkansans with CKD and the health care system.

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