Christian Herzog, Ph.D.

Christian Herzog, Ph.D.Academic Appointment: Assistant Professor of Research

Christian Herzog has served as a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology since 2009. He earned a M.S. in Biophysical Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria. He conducted postdoctoral training at UAMS in Gastroenterology and Pathology, and then joined Dr. Kaushal’s lab in Nephrology, where his main research focus is the role of meprin A in acute kidney injury (AKI). Important findings include in vivo activation of the pro-inflammatory cytokine proIL-1b by meprin A, and identification of ADAM 10 as the major in vivo protease responsible for meprin A shedding during AKI. His research on urinary excretion of the extracellular membrane component nidogen-1 by meprin A during the onset of AKI was awarded a UAMS CTSA fellowship. He also studied the effects of the anti-apoptotic agent zVAD-fmk on autophagy in kidney disease. Since joining the Division of Nephrology, he has presented abstracts at the ASN each year, and co-authored ten publications in peer-reviewed journals.


  • M.Sc: Biochemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Ph.D.: Biochemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Gastroenterology: UAMS
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Pathology, UAMS
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Nephrology, UAMS

Current Research

MeprinA, Inflammation and Renal Pathophysiology