Manisha Singh, M.D.

I love the words ‘let’s go home’ more than anyone else in the division. Noticing my interest, I was provided the opportunity to serve as the Director for Home dialysis program and work with home dialysis patients (peritoneal and home hemodialysis). In addition, I provide dedicated interdisciplinary care to late stages of chronic kidney disease patients. I also love working with students, so am involved with M2 renal module as a co-director.

I trained in India for medical school at a lovely place called Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIIMS), Ranchi Jharkhand, and moved to USA to do my residency at UAMS. After the internal medicine residency, I completed Nephrology fellowship and joined as faculty in 2015.

Clinical Bio

Academic Interest:

  • CKD
  • Telemedicine
  • Biases in healthcare
  • Pregnancy and CKD
  • Home dialysis
  • Medical Education

Research interests

  • Diabetes and kidney disease
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Tele-education and Telemedicine
  • Medical education
  • Onco-nephrology (sp. Myeloma)

Interests/ hobbies:

  • Poetry
  • Cooking
  • Jewelry making
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Yoga, Meditation
  • Social Media
  • Disclaimer: The fact that I like doing these things, does not mean that I am good at these.

Greatest achievement:

Will think about this. Thinking. Will update when decided.

What do you like about nephrology?

I love the intrigue of this extremely well rounded sub-specialty. I loved every aspect of Internal medicine and could never decide which aspect to pick for future focus- Inpatient care or outpatient clinics? Research or pure clinics? Rapid pace of critical care with its opportunities to do procedures, or the graceful dedicated palliative care? At that point – I was lucky to meet mentors that directed me to the inclusive and exclusive department of Nephrology.

In Nephrology- I get to do all things in medicine that I ever wanted- in just the right mix! I do inpatient care during service weeks, continuity outpatient care, critical care as well as palliative care in the right patient. I teach and I learn. I do some research on the side. Finally -I go home to spend quality time with my dear husband, a wonderful son and all those that are dear to me including 2 dogs, few fish, wild deer and birds. I love the traveling I do for my different dialysis units – using my ‘car university’ I can ‘read’(hear) audio books and am almost caught up with all the reading I dreamt of, am able to talk to all my friends and family (abroad)- and still make a difference in my world.

Why Little Rock?

  • We moved from India to Little Rock – and I fell in love with the people and the place. The lush green natural state had this gem of a place very much like my own hometown- a place I missed deeply on arrival. As an immigrant- I worried about settling in – but the well-known ‘southern hospitality’ made us right at home from day one. Here, I found very dear friends, and the kindest of people in the planet. In addition- I could get lost driving and still be found the same day, thanks to the wonderful traffic (and easy use of GPS). I could raise my child without too much of a big city noise, yet not be totally lost to the world in general. I also got to know a strong Indian –American community (Association of physicians of Indian Origin and Friends of India) that helped me stay close to my roots yet be an American in the truest of sense. I could celebrate all things from back home, in my new home and add to the joys with the people here- my American family.
  • In short-This is my home.