1. CRRT:  Early or Late? Ashita Tolwani, MD, MS – University of Alabama at Birmingham





2. Antibiotic Dosing in CRRT – Nithin Karakala, MD – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences





3. Recreational Drugs in AKI Luis Juncos, MD – University  of Mississippi





4. The Role of Klotho in the Transition from Acute to Chronic Kidney Disease – Javier Neyra, MD – University of Kentucky




5. Post AKI Care and Risk Prediction After AKI – Edward Siew, MD – Vanderbilt University



6. Treatment of Hepatorenal Syndrome Juan Carlos Velez, MD – Ochsner Clinic Foundation





7. AKI Pathology and Cases with Audience Response – Shree Sharma, MD, FASN – Arkana Laboratories






8. Morning Discussion



9. The Central Role of the Podocyte in Glomerular Diseases – Stuart Shankland, MD, ChB, MBA, FRCP – University of Washington




10. The Glomcon Initiative – Ali Poyan Mehr, MD – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center






11. Precision Medicine in Lupus Nephritis:  Is it in Our Future? – Dawn Caster, MD, FASN – University of Louisville



12. Glomerular Pathology and Cases with Audience Response – Nicholas Cossey, MD – Arkana Laboratories






13. Drug Induced Glomerular Disease: Mechanisms and Pathology – Jonathan Hogan, MD – University of Pennsylvania






14. Kidney Disease in the African American Patient.  The Clinico-Pathologic Spectrum of APOL1-Associated Nephropathy. – Christopher Larsen, MD – Arkana Laboratories






  15. Afternoon Discussion