The Chronic Respiratory Support (CRS) Clinic at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is a multidisciplinary clinic to care for patients that require respiratory support at home.  Patients seen in our clinic have impairment in the respiratory centers, nerves or muscles involved in breathing, coughing and speaking.  Our patients often require techniques and/or technology to help sustain life, improve the quality of life, and decrease respiratory complications.

Patients seen in the CRS clinic have different conditions that have caused the respiratory impairment.  The conditions can be roughly divided in disorders that affect the nervous system, the muscles, and the thoracic cage. Patients are usually referred (Appointment Link) to us from their primary care physician, pulmonologist, or neurologist for further respiratory care. The CRS clinic and the Arkansas Center for Respiratory Technology Dependent Children at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) have developed an integrated transition process for kids  that became adults or are close to adulthood.   The ACRTDC and CRS clinic work together to review, integrate, and research better ways to care for our patients.

The CRS clinic includes pulmonologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, nutritionist, speech therapist and social workers. Patients are seen at in the same visit by all members of the team. When studies are required, laboratory services are available to be drawn in the room, or after a brief ride on a nearby elevator. The clinic has, when needed, portable pulmonary function testing. Our goal is to provide a one-stop experience, especially as we recognize the difficulties involved with transportation.

The CRS clinic has 4 main goals for our patients:

  1. Support ventilation and secretion clearance
  2. Optimize nutrition
  3. Enhance mobility
  4. Ensure communication


WHAT TO EXPECT We see patients in our multidisciplinary clinic on Wednesday morning. To make an appointment, please call 501-686-8000. A referral from your primary care physician or neurologist is required.

If you have not been seen at UAMS or ACH before, please submit your medical records and films prior to your first visit. At the appointment, one of our pulmonologists will review your medical history and conduct a physical examination. At the same visit, the  CRS multidisciplinary care team, including nurses, nutritionist, speech and respiratory therapists will interact with you and your caregivers.

Ongoing care includes follow-up visits to the clinic depends in multiple factors, but usually is scheduled every two to six months. Our clinic’s nurses help to coordinate your medical, nursing, and therapeutic needs.