August 6, 2021

Elena Ambrogini, M.D., Ph.D., Is the New Division Director for the Division of Endocrinology / Metabolism

Elena Ambrogini, MD, PhD

A dedicated UAMS employee who has been with us for years, she’s replacing Dr. Stavros Manolagas as the Division Director for the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism and will be bringing her team-centric mindset to the leadership role.
Dr. Ambrogini has dedicated her life to medicine. She was born and raised in Italy, where she attended medical school before moving on to a residency and fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism.
After that, she continued her studies in a PhD program in Italy before she finished the remaining years of her education abroad.
After spending three years in Little Rock for her PhD, Dr. Ambrogini decided to stay in the United States. She committed to another round of residency and fellowship work at UAMS in order to do so. After completion of her academic studies in 2014, she celebrated by taking some time off to be with her family in Italy.
After securing the VA Merit Award for her research on the effects of oxidized phospholipids and innate immunity on bone metabolism, Dr. Ambrogini recognized the importance of collaborating with researcher, clinicians, and all other members of the UAMS team and working together toward a shared goal and toward independent dreams. As the new Division Director for Endocrinology and Metabolism, she wants to maintain that attitude and energy to build a friendly and happy environment that realizes success on a daily basis.


Her husband is also a physician in the UAMS family, in radiology at the VA hospital in Little Rock. In 2017, they welcomed their adopted son Luca from Seoul, South Korea and couldn’t be happier with their growing family.

Outside of her life at UAMS, Dr. Ambrogini loves to travel to new places with her husband and son. And during her time in Little Rock, she enjoys eating out and introducing Luca to new experiences. She’ll be the first to talk to you about her life and she’s excited for this next step in her professional journey.

Congratulations, Dr. Elena Ambrogini!