Jeffers, Charles

Hometown: Arkadelphia, AR

Undegrad/Medical School: BS Computer Engineering, MBA, MIS, MS Operations Management – University of Arkansas, M.D. – UAMS. I also worked for eight years as an business information system subject matter expert and IT manager at The Hershey Company prior to entering medical school.

I chose UAMS Internal Medicine Residency because: As the only tertiary hospital in a state with a relative disparity of healthcare, UAMS provides the opportunity to see a wide variety of complex and rare pathologies. When coupled with more routine presentations at the Veterans Health Administration hospital next door, an internal medicine resident can expect to get plenty of exposure to prepare them for a career in hospital medicine or continuing education. UAMS has a wealth of subject matter experts across all major internal medicine disciplines. Essentially all internal medicine subspecialty fellowships are offered at UAMS, and fellows are available that are happy to assist and share their experience with residents. Monthly clinic weeks with mostly underserved patients provides for competence in managing outpatients. Residents within the program share a warm collegiality and bond.

My future plan after residency: I plan to integrate a focus on clinical information system development with clinical practice in hospital medicine or infectious disease and/or critical care.

Something you would never guess about me / fun fact about me: I have an 11-year-old step son, one-year-old son, and wife that are a joy to live with.

My favorite part about living in Little Rock: I live in Benton, which is a town about 25 miles away from UAMS. There are many small communities around Little Rock that offer a more secluded homestead at a very reasonable price. Traffic in and around Little Rock is very reasonable. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to get to work from Benton, which I enjoy for the opportunity to catch up on the world news, listen to sentinel works from classic authors, or listen to albums. Infrastructure development are currently underway to enhance the interstate system to relieve peak traffic flow, although traffic is benign in comparison with most cities in the United States. The cost of living in Arkansas is substantially lower than other parts of the United States, which allows for a higher standard of living during residency.

My favorite place to eat in Little Rock: Little Rock has a wide and continuously evolving selection of restaurants representing many different types of cuisine and ambiance, as well as a number of local breweries. Like so many things in life, I cannot endorse any particular favorite. Taj Mahal is an Indian restaurant that has my vote, and perhaps more importantly, the vote of many of the residents.

In my free time: I like to enjoy having a family, travel abroad, read literature, cook traditional foods from around the world, celebrate life with friends and family, eat heartily, relax, enjoy the occasional brewski, dream about the future.