Xie, Jesse

Jesse XieHometown: Louisville, Mississippi

Undergrad/Medical School: Ole Miss, University of Mississippi Medical Center

I chose UAMS Internal Medicine Residency: I was drawn to the UAMS program because everyone I met here were really sincere and there was great camaraderie among the residents and faculty.

My future plan after residency: GI fellowship

Something you would never guess about me / fun fact about me: I once ate 2 footlong Subway sandwiches in one sitting…it wasn’t a bet.

Favorite part about living/looking forward to exploring in Little Rock: All the hiking, kayaking, and fishing in the area.

My favorite place to eat/looking forward to trying in Little Rock: I’m really looking forward to trying kBird.

In my free time, I like to: Watch Ole Miss football, eat strange and adventurous foods, eat normal foods, go kayaking, deer hunt, and take naps.