Internal Medicine

Our night-float system was implemented in 1991 and was one of the first night float systems in the country. It dramatically reduced the amount of overnight call for our house officers, and thus has enjoyed continued popularity among residents and faculty. This system has allowed our housestaff members to maintain well-balanced lives, while still allowing time for an excellent education.

At UAMS, we no longer have any overnight ward or ICU calls. Instead, we have implemented a night float system consisting of 2-week blocks of a night-float rotation for both interns and upper level residents on the medical wards. For the MICU, there is a rotating “mole” system, where an intern and resident rotate together onto nights for 5-6 nights when assigned to a MICU block. Thus, nights are staggered in 1-2 week blocks over the academic year for a total of 4-6 weeks of nights. The night float runs 7pm to 7am all days of the week.

At the VA, we have a robust night float system too. However, residents take overnight calls on ward and ICU on Sundays to allow the night float teams a day off. Nights at the VA are covered by either a night-float upper level (Monday-Saturday) or an upper level on long 24-hour call (Sunday). Interns have a night float system as well similar to the upper level schedule except that on Sunday, interns from the day teams cross cover the night float teams on Sunday nights (7PM-7AM).

Our day calls consist of short calls (4pm-7pm, M-F) during which time responsibilities are shared by the on-call team for the medical floors and MICU. At UAMS, the on call team for wards consists of two residents and one intern, while the MICU consists of one resident and one intern. At the VA, the on call team for wards consists of one resident and two interns, while the MICU consists of one resident and one intern.

Meal money is provided, and food is available 24 hours a day at both institutions while on call.

Medicine Pediatrics
Med-Peds residents and interns are implemented into the same call systems as above while at UAMS/VA. Please contact the Pediatrics Program for further details on their call system.