The Med-Peds program at UAMS/ACH was accredited in July 2006.  Our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers in both primary care and hospital medicine as well as competitive fellowships in medicine and pediatrics. A significant number have also been chosen to serve as categorical program chief residents.

2019 Graduates: Sridhar Enuganti, M.D., hospitalist in Lubbock, TX; Heather Borchert, D.O., hospitalist in Little Rock, AR; Shirin Trisha, M.D., hospitalist in Austin, TX; Michelle Wayne, M.D., hospitalist in Asheville, NC; Bradley Boye, M.D., hospitalist in Asheville, NC; Preston McCormack, M.D., pediatric chief resident, UAMS.

2018 Graduates: Hunter Holthoff, M.D., Internal Medicine Chief Resident; Alan Lucas, M.D., MP Hospitalist, Willamette Valley Medical Center, McMinnville, OR; Whitney Philamlee, M.D., Hospitalist, Conway Regional, Conway, AR

2017 Graduates: Kevin Davis, adult ID fellowship at UAMS; Jamie Waldron, allergy/immunology fellowship at University of North Carolina; Madhvi Patel, hospitalist location TBA;  Tammy Stallings, pediatric chief resident, UAMS

2016 Graduates:  Gary Berner, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief 2015-16 Private Practice Fayetteville, AR; Sara Bransford, M.D.: Pediatric Chief ACH, Little Rock, AR; Jonathan Brixey, M.D.: Private Practice Russellville, AR; Chitu Duvoor, M.D.: Endocrinology Fellowship, UAMS; Andrew Walters MD: Med-Peds Chief 2015-16, Private Practice Jonesboro, AR

2015 Graduates: Megan Davis, M.D.: Palliative Fellowship, UAMS; Melanie Mier, M.D.: Private Practice, Louisiana; Vidya Pai, M.D.: Neo Natal Fellowship U of S Florida, Tampa; Donnia Rebello, M.D.: Private Practice, Texas; Clark Watson, M.D.: Hospitalist, Baptist NLR

2014 Graduates: Ron Barnett, M.D.: Primary Care Med/Peds, Jonesboro AR. Allison Burbank, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2013-2014; [Planning Allergy/Immunology Fellowship]  Nick Gowen, M.D.:  Medicine Chief Resident 2014-2015, Little Rock AR. Kendall Wagner, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2013-2014; Primary Care Med/Peds, Fort Smith AR.   Heather Young, M.D.:  Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship, Baylor University

2013 Graduates: Kristen Brandon, M.D.:  Pediatric Chief Resident 2013-2014, Little Rock AR. [Planning primary care Med/Peds in Arkansas]  Blaine Broussard, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2012-2013; Primary Care Med/Peds, Alexandra LA. Michelle Lisko, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2012-2013     -Assistant Professor Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, UAMS/ACH, Little Rock AR. Noha Mohammed, M.D.: Assistant Professor Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, UAMS/ACH, Little Rock AR

2012 Graduates: Mike Adkins, M.D.:  Primary Care Med/Peds, Mountain Home AR Travis Bowen, M.D.: Emergency Medicine, Fort Smith and Fayetteville, AR Danna Kinney, M.D.:  Med-Peds Chief Resident 2011-2012; IM Hospitalist, Fayetteville AR. Jonathan Light, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2011-2012; Med/Peds Hospitalist, Seymour IN

2010-2011 Graduates: Alice Alexander, M.D.:  Med-Peds Chief Resident 2010-2011     -Director of Internal Medicine Continuity Clinc; Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics UAMS, Little Rock, AR. Matthew Bell,  M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2010-2011; Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, University of Wisconsin Kevin Flinn, M.D.:  Medicine Chief Resident 2012-2013; IM Hospitalist, Little Rock AR. Carrie Roys Colmenares, MD:  Primary Care Med/Peds, Albany OR.

2009-2010 Graduates: Amy Brunt, M.D.:  Neonatology Fellowship, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Joshua Kennedy, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2009-2010; Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, University of Virginia Elizabeth Rogers, M.D.: Primary Care Internal Medicine, Little Rock AR. Tricia Hicks Moses, M.D.: Med-Peds Chief Resident 2009-2010,  Primary Care Internal Medicine, Little Rock AR.

2008-2009 Graduates: Boban Abraham, M.D.: Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Jessica Short, M.D.: Rheumatology Fellowship UAMS Kathy Liverett, M.D.: Combined Adult/Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Nikhil Meena, M.D.: Adult Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Prior Graduates: Karen Farst, M.D.: Child Abuse Fellowship, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital